Company Background

In 1990, Mr. Tirtomulyadi Sulistyo – the founder of PT. Surya Indoalgas, saw a good opportunity to produce Agar Agar Powder from Gracilaria Seaweed. The main reason is because Indonesia has wide coastal line which is an ideal place for seaweed cultivation. Moreover, there are a lot of applications in confectionery industries which use Agar Agar Powder, especially in export market so that it would be a potential business opportunity. Therefore, Mr. Tirtomulyadi Sulisyo decided to invest on an Agar Agar Manufacturing plant – PT. SURYA INDOALGAS in Wonoayu, Sidoarjo – East Java, which is adjacent to the second biggest city in Indonesia – Surabaya.

PT. SURYA INDOALGAS’ plant occupies total 3.8 hectares with present capacity is about 250 MT per annum and willing to be increased up to 350 MT-400 MT to fulfill market requirement. Its machines are from Japan and the first three years of the operation, the mill had been operated by Japanese technicians. Using the transfer technology, modern machines and production process from Japan, our products are widely accepted in international markets like Asian countries, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, India and European countries: UK, Germany, Russia to name a few.

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